I used to Digitech Drop Pedal - Now how to be?

I just loved my experience using the Digitech drop pedal. Easy punch a button and I am on it. I ask my fellows here how I can make it happen with the QC. I only used it for the songs 1/2 step down. It was so wonderful in its simplicity. Please guide me through what I can do to obtain this with the QC. I’d like it global but, if it is to be added for all of my saves, please guide me carefully through the process. I am old and my eyes are weak. :wink:

You would simply use a pitch block in your signal chain and adjust as needed to replicate the tuning you get with the Drop pedal.

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I find it doesn’t work for me as it isn’t running correctly, and I have a worbble. I have added it to the 3rd row (two now) to see if that row need it too, and it still does. I suppose it is my structure of rows.

I created a scene with only noise gate, pitch shift, amp then a cab, It works. BUT I need to understand why I am not getting the results with adding it to the front of my current scenes.

I did edit this to include an experiment picture. I have never made rows connected (I am a nuboo still) and I think I am on the right “path” so to speak. Is this a way to solve? I SURE do NOT want the wah etc. after the amp lol BUT I am just starting to move rows and don’t know how.

Have I run my “rows” incorrectly? I see many with a connected chain drop down move in the signal paths. Please advise. Thank you. I have a few pictures included to help to explain. It still is nasty bad sounding even in the last instance when I turn off all the other things even with a loop and changed row routing.

which pitch block effect are you using? None are polyphonic so if you’re trying to shift chords playing with a clean tone, it’s not going to be perfect. Distortion can help mask the inconsistencies, but clean tones can be tricky to shift.

“pitch shifter” If what you say is true, that is unfortunate for me. I will have to add my drop pedal back to my rig. thx

I’ve used a whammy DT for years without the QC and I still use it with the QC :).

Pitch shifter is the best option to use in the QC for the moment, and it is a bummer. Be sure to put it first thing in your chain (I’d even put it before you gate), and that’s going to be the closest it can get you to the drop pedal. Listening in isolation, you can pick out the artifacts pretty easily. However, I’ve found it to be servicable in a band mix. I tour around the United States with different artists and no one has ever mentioned my guitar sounding any different while I’m using the pitch shifter compared to when I wasn’t using it, just one song before.

It isn’t as good as the drop, or the HX poly capo, but it will work in a mix, in my opinion. Best of luck!

Thank you for your advice experience with it. I will give it another try and hope for better results. I appreciate your kind attention, Russ