Delay time non adjustable

Hi all, I am experiencing a serious problem using deley on the QC.
When I need to adjust the dalay time, I can’t set the number I want.
For example, I could not set a delay time of 380 ms in any of the available delay fx.
Either by turning the knob or by using the touch screen, the value does not move progressively, but jumps by numbers, and in the end I have to settle for a value a little higher or lower.
Of course, all this with the SYNC switch in the off position.
How is this possible?
Thank you all.

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HI @Stefano1967 and welcome to the community!
You can adjust any parameter by using the encoder knob, adjusting the virtual knobs on the display and or pressing on the value and entering a specific value with the on-screen keypad. Hope that helps!

On the touch screen, touch and hold the number then you can type in any specific number you want.