Default Send/return loop on QC presets

Hi all,

I got my QC last week. I have an aeros loop studio and a beat buddy pedal that I like to use.

I like to switch around quite a bit between the factory presets, and it is a bit of a pain to manually add the signal loop every time I change a preset. I suppose I could go through the mall one by one and save it in there,… Also a pain…

Anyone know if there is a way to improve that workflow? Just have the loop default on every preset?


I don’t see any way other than connecting your external FX to the output of the QC to have them working with all presets by default instead of using the S/R loop. Other than that, a default and global S/R loop doesn’t make much sense because of the intended ability to place it anywhere on the grid and individually for each preset.

Appreciate your reply. Good point you make there. I didn’t really think about the option of putting the looper between the QC and the amp. Duh, makes total sense. Thanks.

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…unless you need to hear it on multiple outputs like Headphones + OUT 1/2 etc.
In this case, using the S/R block would have some benefits.