Darkglass Ultra performance issue

Hi there,

I’ve been a happy user of the Darkglass Ultra plugin for a long time, but since a few months I’ve encountered performance issues I did not have before.

I’m using the plugin inside the DAWs Cubase and Bitwig on Windows 10, both the same issue: the moment I activate the plugin for “real time playing”, the performance meter goes way up, leading to drop outs and crackles in short time.

I’im running a quite powerful notebook with a decent CPU, lots of ram, a RME Fireface UC USB audio device.
All system and device drivers are up to date. All DAWs are up to date. I’ve gone through all performance optimization hints I could get.
I tried LatencyMon, my system is allright.

Other real time processing plugins like Guitar Rig do not have this issue.
Darkglass Ultra did not, either, until maybe some Windows Update some months ago. I tried a lot of other options, but at the moment I think the problem lies within the plugin itself.

Do you have any ideas? Are there logs you can use to analyze the problem?

Dear folks from NeuralDSP themselves:
I see the plugin’s version is quite old - 3.0.0 being latest, from 2019. Any plans of updates?