Darkglass B7K / Alpha Omega

I bought the Quad Cortex and I’m I’m disappointed with the bass pedals that are included.

I am Darkglass user for many years and my sounds are depending on the song are B7K and Alpha Omega. I can’t get my sound with the B3K pedal.

I wanted to know if they are going to incluyed on the new CorOs 2.0 version, they are very essential pedals.


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Have you tried making some captures of your Darkglass pedals? You can have several different captures depending on all the different settings you use on the actual pedals.

Hi Sleiweke,

It is not the same, it depends on the site, I usually move the controls and a capture is not valid for me.

Are essential pedals that the Quad Cortex should have incorporated.

It is not normal, Fractal have B7K in all products and Neural only B3K…. Darkglass and neural are brothers.

Aren’t the B3K and the B7K the same except for the EQ section on the B7K?

Maybe the B3K combined with the parametric EQ could get you the sound you’re looking for.

Yes, the EQ of B7K and Alpha Omega is an essential part of that Darkglass pedals.

I have tried it and it is not even similar, I do not understand why these pedals are not yet inserted.

I hope that for the CorOs 2.0 all this will change.

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Yes, what I meant is that you can use an EQ block to recreate the EQ section of the B7K. So the B3K + EQ block essentially become the B7K.

I’ve tried it and it doesn’t sound like the pedal at all, I think the effort of having these pedals is going to be worth it to many users.

I have definitely been wondering how A/O was passed up in the initial device list, seems kind of strange. Maybe with the separation of ownership between Neural and Darkglass now it’s more complicated regarding IP.

I don’t understand it either, the truth is I’ve been very disappointed not to have the B7K and the Alpha Omega.

I bought it and I can’t use it live, I’m going to wait for CorOs 2.0, I hope they include those two pedals otherwise I’ll have to sell it.

you can’t use it live because it doesn’t have a b7k / ao? just drop it in the FX loop if you need configurability? If you’re just doing EQ then doing eq block after the capture should be the same as eq on the pedal. AFAIK it’s just post EQ on the pedals. It should be the same thing as having a b3k followed by an EQ with the proper bands


My main configuration is based on a B7K, I am totally disappointed with the purchase, I was not expecting this.

I have tried to capture but it is not the same, the sound seems to be the same (especially in the videos) but it is not, also the dynamics are different.

Putting an EQ after the B3K doesn’t sound the same.

Fractal Audio has the Darkglass B7K, Line 6 Helix also has B7K, how is it possible that the Quad Cortex doesn’t have it?

All of this doesn’t make any sense…

Have you tried the factory Captures of the Darkglass stuff? Should be in the Factory Captures 2 folder, pages 15 through 19

I have tried them but none of them fit the desired sound.

They should include at least the B7K, it is not normal for the Fractal or Line 6 to have it incorporated and Neural which is the brother of Darkglass does not have it.


There are some very good captures of the B7K

None of them fit me, they are fine to play at home, nothing more.

Captures should never be an option to replace anything.

They must be an option to have a very special amplifier, a very particular pedal, never for a pedal as important as B7K.

Obviously the device has to work for your ears, but my experience is quite different. I also have or have had a number of Darkglass pedals including B7K and A/O. I sold both after getting the QC. Fractal does have a Darkglass “model”, but for me it was not even close. The tones I get from the QC are far better. I could see maybe for a studio application that the QC sounds are not exact, but I have found them more than adequate for live use.
If you can’t get the tones that you want, then maybe your current Darkglass pedals are the solution and not the QC. I suppose that it is possible that 2.0 would include some additional DG models, but I don’t think there has been any public info to suggest it… Certainly would be cool if it did though.

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I have the Fractal and I assure you that it sounds better.

I also hope that they include the B7K for the 2.0, it is a basic and essential pedal.

I don’t think the B7K will be included in the next update.
Neural DSP have promised to integrate the plugins into the quad cortex. And the B7K is included in the Darkglass Ultra plugin.
So I think it won’t be available until the plugin is integrated in the quad cortex.

And yes, I know that you have to have bought the plugin before you can use it in QC.
I am also aware that the SLO 100 is already available in the QC without a plugin, but I think that this will not be repeated.

I’m waiting for both the B7K and the Alpha Omega myself, but the existing captures are almost 100% to my liking and I can already capture the B7K myself with the plugin.