Alpha Omega be available in CorOs 2.0?

I wanted to know if it will be available in the new CorOs 2.0 version, It’s my favorite pedal and captures are just a very limited option for me :frowning:


Neither Fractal nor Helix have the Alpha omega pedal, it would be a big difference with the rest. Many people wish they had this pedal inside.

I hope they integrate it soon :frowning:

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Hi, never tried one but any + would be appreciated.

In fact i’m expecting a massive update with a lots of new things with this update (new amps, effects (synth ?)

They promised a " Very aggressive plans" for updates that will grow for eternity so I’m pretty confident that the 2.0 will be huge and the begining of more important updates !!!

Can’t wait for it !!!

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