Dark Terror as a poweramp with QC

So, I’m in search for a poweramp atm to use with my QC.
I’m very close into purchasing an Orange Pedal Baby at 350 euros new.
But today I saw an Orange Dark Terror used (like new) at 300 euros.

My playing is like 40% polyphia 60% andy timmons.
I also have a 1x12 Celestion Vintage.

What would you consider?

Thank you :slight_smile:

If an amp has a FX loop, you could configure to use 4CM following the QC manual, another option is to use the power amp section only by routing the QC output directly to the amps FX return bypassing the preamp etc. Otherwise there are many power amp options from least expensive to more costly solutions. At the top are Fryette power/load boxes like PS100, Matrix GT1000 (great for stereo setups), Seymour Duncan, Orange etc., for the less costly solutions all would work nicely for your purposes.