4 cable method - having trouble with volume and gain

4CM users, I need help! Do any of you have trouble with too much gain from your amp when using the QC as a multi-fx processor? I’m running mine through my Victory V40, and I’m struggling to get a completely clean sound for gigging levels. The V40 is a suuuuper clean amp, and I don’t ever have this issue with my regular old pedalboard in front of it. I’m using the 4 cable method in the QC manual - am I missing something? Seems really odd to me that the QC would push the preamp that much, even without any effects engaged, and also without adding any real volume to it.

The volume output on the QC is around 70 on the main volume btw. I would set it lower - but then the amp won’t be even close to being loud enough. My amp settings are 10-11 o’clock on the input gain and then I have to turn up the master pretty loud to get any usable volume.

Hey, to be clear–you are trying to use QC in the V40’s effects loop via 4CM, correct? Or are you trying to send the QC directly into the input of the amp?

I’m using the 4CM stated in the manual, so drives and comps go to the front while anything time based goes in the loop.

I have been using a 5150 for 4CM frequently without issue pretty much since the QC was released. Does the V40 use a parallel or serial FX loop? I ask as my early dual rectifier didn’t work that well for 4CM due to its parallel FX loop. Once I switched to a different amp with serial FX loop, everything worked and sounded like it should.

Note: I just read some info on the v40 which states it uses a lower impedance in the FX loop but it doesn’t say what that value is. Have you tried adjusting the QC impedance to find the sweet spot?