Cubase MIDI track to change preset

I am not having any luck getting a MIDI track in Cubase 10 to successfully change the preset in the Granophyre plugin.

I have set up the MIDI Mappings in the plugin, and see the little MIDI symbol next to the presets that I want to be able to toggle. I set them up for PC1 and PC2, channel 7.

In Cubase I added a MIDI channel, and set the output to the Granophyre instance that is in my audio channel insert. I added two program change commands at two different spots in my song and they do nothing. I’ve triple-checked to make sure the channel number is 7 and I am selecting program 1 and then 2.

Nothing happens. Has anyone had any luck doing this? What am I missing?


Hi @jeramy.soucy. Have you tried changing between the different Plugin formats? VST2 tends to work better with MIDI messages. Also, keep in mind that the MIDI notes and messages could be displaced within some DAWs (example: C2 on the Plugin = C0 on the DAW, PC0 on the Plugin = PC1 on the DAW). You can use the MIDI learn function to check if this is the case.

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@Gonzalo Thanks. Granophyre seems to only come in VST3 format. I reinstalled it today and there is only a VST3. I’ll double check the offset between the DAW and plugin. There does not appear to be a way to use the learn function for preset changes, unless I am missing something.

Pretty sure the Granophyre also includes VST2. Be sure to select it during the installation process.

To use the MIDI learn function for preset changes, you need to right-click over the name of the preset to enable MIDI learn.

@Gonzalo The VST2 format was somehow in my plugin blacklist. And you were correct that there was an offset. Program Change data of 2 = “PC1” in NDSP. That is good to know. Thanks again! Cheers.

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@jeramy.soucy No problem!

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