Crackle with standalone, VST plugin works fine


I have a problem with the nameless sute, darkglass ultra and Nolly.
They run fine when used as a plugin inside Cubase 10.5 with RME UCX with ASIO driver at low latency. Even several instances on high sampling rate run without any hickups.

But the standalone versions are nearly useless. Crackles and dropouts no end. Asio drivers. Latency low to high not much of a difference.

Windows 10, 64bit

Any thoughts on what could be the problem?

Hi @tenderboy. That’s quite strange since the Standalone versions usually run a lot better. What settings are you using? Try with a sample rate of 44100Hz and make sure to enable just one input.

Also, take a look at the optimization guide and run Latencymon while using the Standalone application.