CPU consumption in IR Loader

Hi guys, I noticed that the CPU consumption in IR Loader is HUGE, I’m in the situation that I can’t replace the old Guitar Cab module (using IRs) with the new IR Loader. It’s true that I’m using a lot of different effects in my presets but I was hoping that the performance of this new module was similar to the Guitar Cab. Did you notice this?

PD: I kinda feel that this new module sounds better than the Guitar Cab module, is it? or it’s just my imagination?

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yes, it and the new amp model are HUNGRY for power. This happened with many of the fx upon first release, and they were able to optimize them over time to consume less of the CPU/DSP. Hopefully this’ll happen with the IR loader too.
I’ve seen many saying the IR loader seems louder than the cab block, but I haven’t heard a difference in sound quality. It’s definitely more flexible and can save you an fx block with that room reverb


I have noticed a difference. Once I matched the volume to the old cab/IR loader, I do feel like I hear a slight difference in sound. Not better or worse, just slightly different. So far I have preferred the sound of the new IR loader to the old when I A B them.

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Your use of “CPU/DSP” reminds me of a point of confusion for me that may be due to the nomenclature used on the Quad Cortex. The use of the term “CPU Monitor” in the menu on the QC, to me, implies that there is a separate CPU, in addition to the SHARC DSP, that is being monitored. I don’t believe this is the case. The percentage in that utility is, I believe, monitoring total DSP usage. If that is the case, I would have preferred they called it a “DSP Monitor”. A small thing I know but maybe I am not the only one who found it confusing.

It may be that the terms are synonymous. I think I started phrasing it that way based on how it’s used on Discord, many users refer to it that way. I’m not really sure that there’s a difference, would be cool to hear official word.

According to this page, I’d tend to infer that they are indeed referring to the same thing:

The manual states, “total of 6 cores (4x SHARC®+ and 2x ARM Cortex-A5
running at 500MHz each) of dedicated DSP,”

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That is currently my assumption as well. Unless they were trying to roll up some other processes’ measurements into the DSP measurement, which seems unlikely.

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