Counter intuitive

I just installed v 2, and I think it’s a great improvement in user interface. Still there’s a couple of things that feels really counter intuitive to me: Double tap to bypass, single tap to edit. Most apps and programs I’ve encountered has double tap to edit, and I struggle to
«reprogram» my brain here. Please atleast make dobletap to edit, and tap and hold to bypass an option! The other thing I struggle with is that to change preset BELOW in the meny on the screen, I have to push the UP footswitch. Either change direction of the preset list, or the up/down footswitch, or make it optional, like scroll direction om a mac.

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i think it´s better with double tap to bypass, i prefer it that way so you don´t accidentally turn something off when making quick changes or sliding your finger through stuff.
as for the arrows i do get them confused sometimes


I find it to be very intuitive. In most apps I use these days, single tap (or click) is used for selecting objects or opening menus. The QC immediately felt a bit like using a smartphone app. Tap and hold is already used for moving blocks. Not sure how you would make it work for both.

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Well, we’re all different. I guess my double tap issue has to do with Logic on mac. But I can see that edit with single click is similar to smartphone. Haven’t thought of that.

It’s also how Axe-Edit and many plugins work, for example. Single clicking an object brings up the edit screen.

On pretty much anything I’ve ever used, single tap/click opens, tap and hold moves.
That leaves double tap to bypass.

I think anything else would be far more confusing.


I’m glad I saw this thread, because I didn’t realize double tapping a block bypassed/engaged the block! I’ve been tapping, then using the power icon! What a hassle!


you’re not the only one- I still see YouTubers doing this in their supposed ‘tutorial’ videos!

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Couple of requests that address the up/down footswitch thing: