Cory wong - more gain/drive in DAW with all presets vs standalone

My presets, whether factor or self created, play back in my DAW (Reaper) with a lot more gain/drive. than the standalone. So if I set up a nice ‘barely on the edge of break up sound’ in the standalone and open it on a track in Reaper, it has way to much gain and I have to lower the input on the plugin to achieve the same sound. This works in reverse - set up a sound I a happy with in the plugin and I have to raise the input in the standalone to achieve the same sound. This is annoying as basically it renders the standalone unusable for me.

I am trying this out on a clean track in Reaper, no sends or receives or any other fx added.

*DAW track and master are both at 0db
*DAW is playing back the effect in stereo on the track as it should (default in Reaper)
*Same audio device settings used (sample rate is 44100, buffer size 160)
*Input and output VU meters in the archetype in both instances are the same

Any other suggestions?

Hey did you find the problem?

I’m sure this is to do with how standalone vs DAW handles the mono input from your guitar into the plugin. The solution I found to ensure the standalone matches Reaper was to make sure in standalone that only 1 input channel was active.

Here, input 1 is where my guitar is connected on the interface.

Otherwise, if you have 2 active inputs, and even if you click ‘Mono’ in Cory Wong, the input level will be much lower.