Cory Wong Clean Rig preset glitch

CorOS Version: 1.1.0

When in stomp mode led for stomp button D is lit as if it has toggled on an effect block but it doesn’t seem to be assigned to a block and if you push it more than once the screen gets filled with colored lines and the QC is frozen, only removing power will reset it. Also, the asterisk in the preset name appears after any changes are made to the preset but toggling back to the default state of the preset does not remove the asterisk.

I have re-downloaded to overwrite the preset but the problem persists. No sign of the problem in any other preset I’ve tried. I suspect the preset has some corrupt data?

How are you toggling back to the default state? Are you saying if you change to another preset and go back to that preset it still shows that it needs to be saved? Otherwise, the preset may be corrupt like you said, maybe reach out on the forums and see if anyone else is having issues with that preset?

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