Cortex Control Issues after 2.3.0 and Version 1 Download

I just sent off a support email about this to NDSP but wanted to post it here to see how many others where having the same issue and if they had found a fix for it.

I just updated to 2.3.0 with the version 1.0 of Cortex Control. I am still experiencing Cortex Control issues. I get the preset loading screen after the app has been up for a while and have to quit and restart to get the app to run. Happens randomly. My Mac is running Monterey 12.7.2. See attached screenshot.


Have you noticed it only happens after your Mac goes to sleep and wakes up?

Have you tried toggling AppNap for the Cortex Control app?

Hum, good point. I have not. Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll give that a go and report back.

Same issue for me. Windows 11. Stuck at Loading Presets…

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I have the same issue. Stuck on loading presets. Windows 10

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Does the app initially launch and then exhibit this after it’s been up a while. Or does it not load at all?

I’m on a Mac and this happened in previous versions when I’d use other applications at the same time but for me, so far it hasn’t happened in this version.

M1 MBA Sonoma 14.2.1

Updated QC to 2.3.0, then CorOs to 1.0

Loads quickly, stable, no issues

Hi, the app doesn’t open at all with v1.0, it stalls on the loading screen. Before v1.0 the app opened and I could use it very briefly and then it would become unresponsive.


My unit has also never really worked as a recording interface. It has the glitching problem that several others have reported. I am beginning to suspect a hardware fault.

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I’ve read others on Windows having the same issues. I’m Mac Monterey 12.7.2. But previously was running Mojave. I’m using the QC as my input Interface along with an Apollo Firewire (with Thunderbolt Card) as my output interface. Very stable system with no recording glitches.

With the new version of Studio One 6.5 and Dolby Atmos I find myself not using the delay or reverb effects on the QC and instead using Studio One’s Surround Delay. Dolby Atmos adds this dimension of movement and space that is very inspiring. Which ever modeler implements Dolby Atmos into their unit first will be rewarded with a ton of praise! I am amazed at what Dolby Atmos does to my guitar tone. It’s addictive!

Mind boggling they can’t get app worked out, especially as official release. EVERYOTHER modeler type software I have runs flawlessly.

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