Cortex control freezes when switching programs

Cortex control opens and connects as expected, and I can edit and work within the app just fine. But if I switch over to Logic to record, and then switch back to the Cortex Control app, it’s stuck on the “Loading presets…” screen. Nothing had been closed or disconnected. I’m confused. Annoying to have to close the app and reopen it all the time.

Make sure you are on the latest CC and QC firmware. Otherwise you might need to email and they will get you sorted.

I am updated to the latest firmware on both Cortex Control and my QC. I’m going to email the support team and see what they say. Thanks.

I’m also getting this behaviour.

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Make sure if you are using a hub that its powered as I have seen that be a source of disconnects.

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This also happens very frequently for me

This is happening to me also. Latest everything installed. I thought it was because I was using Mojave (which is not officially supported) so I upgraded to Monterey. Unfortunately, it’s doing it with Monterey also. Very annoying.

I’ve created a bug report to NDSP.

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A majority of CC issues seems to be with compatibility between CC and MacOS platforms. I sure hope the devs can determine the source and provide resolution.

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