Cortex Control crash/hang on "Loading Settings"

Here is the full Apple crash report. Repeatable issue in which Cortex Control hangs on loading settings and/or crashes. Hoping this might help you debug though know it is a known issue.
Cortex Control Apple Crash (10.3 KB)

You should send it to the support by mail, they don’t monitor this forum actively.

I get this same thing frequently on M1 MacBook

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I assume they know what is going on. It seems to be something related to the state of the QC itself. If I unplug the QC from the Mac it never crashes. However, when I plug it in it does crash. It seems that changing presets on the QC affects things. If QC Control is crashing then changing preset will make it “only” hang on start. If hanging on start sometimes unplugging and then changing presets on the QC will get it working.