Cortex app shared capture count

CorOS Version: 2.0

App: Latest Android Cortex App

Describe your issue:
When looking at the captures you have uploaded and made public, the count for the number of times users have downloaded your captures is gone.

Steps to reproduce your issue:
Open Cortex app, navigate to My Files, Neural Captures and select your publicly shared capture.

I expected this to happen:
Before 2.0 you would see the number of people that have downloaded your capture.

While this isn’t a major bug, if it’s even a bug since the devs may have just changed functionality, I figure it’s worth mentioning just in case users relied on this info to see what captures of theirs were popular helping them determine what future hardware they should capture.

I’m not sure you could ever see the download numbers on the app but you can see them using the cloud via web. Suggest adding a feature request so that people can vote for priority etc.