Control splitter without scenes?

I am trying to set up an external looper (Quantiloop on iPad) and I have set up MIDI commands on the bottom row of the QC to control rec/play/dub/stop, etc for all 4 tracks of Quantiloop.

One of these tracks I intend to play bass, so I have a 2nd signal path controlled by a splitter which gives me a pitch shifted tone. Both utilize input 1 (my guitar).

When I want to play bass, ideally I’d tap a single button to change the splitter balance to 100% B. seems I can only do this with scenes. But if I’m in SCENE mode the bottom row of buttons also switches scenes, which I don’t want.

This tap dance seems unlikely to do live:

CHANGE TO SCENE MODE -> TAP SCENE B -> SWITCH BACK TO STOMP MODE -> TAP F to start recording on track 2.

Outside of controlling the splitter balance with an expression pedal, is there any other way to accomplish what I’m trying to do?

Thanks in advance.

Not currently, I am also using Quantiloop using my cell and have it working nicely using the bottom 4 encoders/knobs EFG&H but it will only work on scene modes currently.