Colorize Scene Labels + Footswitches

It would be great to be able to choose a color for scenes and have those show on the scene labels (swipe up in scene mode), and on the foots witch LEDs.

I assume it can’t be that hard since Stomp mode already does this.

This would be so great!!!

I agree. This is usefull and not only esthetic. On stage, the color is more “readable”!!!

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Just wanted to add my support for this - I remember speaking to Doug around launch and he was keen on this feature as well. I know there’s a lot going on but would go a long way toward me being able to color code each scene (like if red is my “solo/lead” on each scene) without having to remember that y’know top right is my solo/lead lol.


+1 for this type of feature. I come from the RJM controller world and I miss having my scenes color coded before engaging

I totally agree! This would be a very nice feature.

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Yes me as well. This would keep me from feeling like I need a Mastermind LT… maybe

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Yes, great idea. I primarily use scene mode, and the colors would make it easier to switch. Hope it gets implemented.

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We can rename scenes. Colorizing would be great. Also the ability to color and rename stomps!