Stomp Mode UI tweaks

Aloha! Only two days in, likely something in here that’s already covered:

  1. Option to adjust color/brightness values for the footswitch LEDS: remembering which yellow light means which OD is a pain, particularly when dialing things in and you’re trying to a/b similar devices; likewise when you’re trying to figure out what’s light green and what’s yellow.
    Also, I like working in a reasonably dark room & the LEDs can be a little piercing, so at least being able to lower brightness for the “on” state at least would be nice.
    But yeah: Being able to override the default color assignment would help. Help me, anyway.

  2. Upload custom icons; someone else more or less got there in an earlier post with being able to select from a couple options but full custom would be my request. Would be particularly helpful with IRs, e.g. different icons for OD captures vs amps vs whatever.

  3. Option to show a small badge on the Grid icons that indicate which switch is assigned to which device. As in: Scene or stomp modes put a lil indicator like the top-right bank one in the corner of the grid icon. Add the ability to map them to the custom color I mention in #1 & we’re laughing.

  4. In Stomp Mode, the ability to bypass/activate devices not assigned to switches if you select them.