Hybrid mode rename

When in hybrid mode (scene/stomp) if you combine 2 effects to one stomp switch can that be renamed instead of it coming up as multi effect. also can the color be changed?

This has already been asked like a million times, please do the work and search first in the existing feature requests before posting to prevent cluttering everything with a massive amount of duplicates.

Nice condescending answer David. You make a good spokesman for Neural. Piss off SFB


he said please, so please keep it civil.
it´s not bad that you have questions or that you mistakingly posted a duplicate, it´s not bad for him to let you know there are other topics with the same question

Wow, it is not a healthy personality trait to be offended by constructive feedback about your own mistakes.

I’m just tired of people who don’t bother to do their part to make a community driven forum to function as good as possible. Not only here but in every other forum on every other topic. This only works if everyone does their part, and that includes taking a few minutes to see if there is already a topic on the same question / request before just mindlessly blaring out your request in a new thread. In addition, this is a feature that I desperately want to see in one of the future updates and it helps more to get neurals attention if a single thread has many votes than if many threads each have just a few votes.

TLDR: Please close this thread and go vote on the other already existing ones.

You’re still acting like a pratentios twit. The only mistake I made was reacting to a petulant child like you… PO again


Cheems, Sorry but it was his condescending attack. If he is sick of having to reply to people who asked a duplicate question than don’t be involved in a forum.



At least be kind enough to vote for the existing feature requests I linked in my initial reply. Thank you. I hope the next update will include custom labels and colors.