Deleting multiple items? Disallow downloading duplicates?

So, i starred a lot of captures, haven’t been using the qc a while.
Now I tapped all the download buttons one after another.
Spinning icon comes and goes, no feedback that the download was successful.
Tap again, tap other again, tap the whole list, maybe I downloaded too many, again, no feedback.
Went to “my captures”. Result:
A list full of duplicates with no way of deleting them ? Is there no selection of items with a bulk action?
Do I really have to drag each capture to the trashcan and confim each delete? Really?


Yep, I agree, it’s very annoying and counterproductive!


Yes. A totally shite system. Can’t search them. Can’t move them into custom folders I made to store downloaded amp captures and downloaded pedal captures separately. What a mess.

They have already announced in the news section that that they are reworking the entire file system. I would suggest going to the suggestion area snd look for posts to check for things you want changed. But the file system is already being addressed. You may get something added with a suggestion in that area. Posts like something is shite is counterproductive, even if I understand the frustration. I have popped off a few times myself (normally at people. Lol).


Thanks for your opinion, but it is totally fine to address an unacceptable UX, that should not have been released in this state in the first place. You are welcome to do it yourself from time to time. Bashing people on the other hand is unacceptable. You should not do that.
There is a difference between making some oversights and not following some very basic and essential user interface guidelines in the first place.


Funny you reply to me since I had no issue with your post at all. I never said addressing issues was improper. All I did was state that Neural has already stated it’s being reworked and that there are polite ways to go about it that will make much more impact. And I didn’t bash anyone. I suppose you have no issue with rude or profanity lace comments that offer no solutions. Thank you for that opinion

I did not mean to imply, that you, BigRalphN, bashed someone. I was merely addresing the fact that being annoyed by a technical issue is different than lashing out at a specofic person. But I’m not a fan of profanity either, anyway

Since noone was adressed specifically, I was under the impression that your post was about the original issue in general. Thanks for the clarification.

Change in 1.1.0 :partying_face:

  • When downloading Presets or Neural Captures from Cortex Cloud, a spinner now displays when the item is downloading, and a checkmark displays to indicate the download has completed. The checkmark remains visible to indicate previously downloaded items.
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