Cleaning things up

Hi. With all the great things I’m learning about it, I’d appreciate hearing about:

How do I clean the display? Is it like I would an iPhone (slightly water damp microfibre cloth)?

Any thoughts on the screen protector? Most of my use will be at home as a studio and writing tool. I want the screen to be as responsive as possible. I have no pets or little kiddies running around to knock it over or smash it with a sledge hammer…so it’s a relatively safe environment.

AFAIK, the top layer of the screen is hardened glass. Smartphones tend to have additional coatings (anti-reflective, oliophobic, etc.) on their screens. This doesn’t seem to be the case on the QC (anyone correct me if wrong) so on the one hand it might be not as easy to clean as a smartphone but at the same time there is less risk of damaging any sophisticated coating on the screen. Microfiber cloth should work, as well as disposable, moist cleaning wipes for glasses, containing a cleaning solution. However, that’s just my opinion.

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