Adding effects outside of plugin. very new to this

Hi all,
absolutely loving the Plini plugin. im brand new to playing through a pc. The only thing i find missing from the Plini plug-in is a looping option and maybe a fuzz and octave type pedals. Is there a way to add these in standalone? can you physically put a looping pedal between guitar and interface? I have Reaper installed but I still have very little idea what im doing. can you load plini and another effect within a single track? I have bias fx2 lite. I hate the amps, but if i can somehow add the effects, it might be enough to make me upgrade. Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
A plini loving PC noob

you can add effects outside of plugin, i myself use fuzz pedals (guitar jack into a fuzz pedal input
and patch cable from fuzz output to instrument input port into your audio interface.