Captured Sound (during compare) is not the Captured Sound (Grid)

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During the recording of our new album I had the opportunity to use the RadialHDI DI, an amazing DI with a great sound.
Of course I tried to profile the DI. During the neural capture at the shot at “compare”, the sound engeneer, producer and I could not detect any difference in the A/B test. But when I set the RadialHDI block in the grid, a clear difference is audible. There is a lack of transparency and clarity and a difference is definitely there. On the grid, I had to adjust the settings for the block as follows to get an approximate result. Gain -1.7, Bass +3.6, Mid -0.8, Treble, -1.7, Volume -1.4. I get the same result when I replace all the cables and I always get the same sound. With a Neve 1073 I made in CorOS 1.4 (?) we could not see this difference.

I have already made many captures with which I am very satisfied and my QC has now always worked
without problems during 50 shows in the last year. Do any of you know this problem?

yours, Damian

Perhaps there’s a difference in impedance and interaction with your guitar pickups. Check the input impedance in Quad Cortex.

This is normal behaviour & something that I spoke to Neural about in depth after getting my QC.

Using the compare feature in the capture window is basically pointless as the tone that you will actually get when using your captures can only be heard once the captures are put into the grid (this is to do with how the QC handles I/O signals).

I use an A/B switcher to do the comparison (taking the source device out of the QC’s signal chain entirely) &; yes, captures do generally need quite a bit of tweaking & a good ear in order to get them there.


Thank you, so i am not completly nuts that i can hear thing i should not :wink: