Difference in DI captures

Hey there, so I tried a little experimenting in doing captures. I have a Captor X and have captured my Wizard MC25. I did some with the baked in cabs and did some direct. The results were decent but my preference are the direct captures with the QC cabs. As we all know once the capture is done a few things are off, ie gain and treble but I always can EQ it to get close to where it needs to be and add gain. So I decided to try something else. I took the direct signal out of the Two Notes captor X to the input of the QC. Changed the input to mic and used the cabs from the QC. I got really great result this way. Got my settings locked in and figured if I do a DI capture it should be the same and closer to the sound I want. Well it isn’t. I did the capture and actually the gain structure is way lower than a normal capture. So a dirty classic rock sound now sounds almost clean to edge of breakup. A metal sound is more classic to hard rock and so forth. It’s not a bad sound at all just I seeing what I’m doing wrong. I really like the sound of the Two notes into the QC cabs. But then that would mean carrying the amp plus the captor x and the QC. Maybe I have a setting wrong or the captor x does something to the signal. Any ideas?