Capture Clarity

Hey guys, I hear people rave about how the captures on the QC really set it apart from other devices (and I agree they are REALLY good). However, I’ve owned for about 8 months now and every time I set up a patch with captures of my pedals, I end up missing some clarity in the midrange in live situations compared to using stock models of the same pedals (bluesbreaker, governor, and ODR-1). I have tried identical patches back-to-back with a band into a real amp to avoid changing any variable other than the captures. Just curious if anybody else has had this experience, I feel like there must be something I haven’t figured out yet since people speak so highly of captures.

Also, I am certainly not complaining about the end result - the stock models feel great to me into my princeton, and I always get compliments. Just wondering if I can get an even better sounds.

Even a few dB in level, or small differences in gain can change the feel in a live situation. Too much distortion will often result in getting lost in the mix. But I personally prefer the models in Quad Cortex over captures simply for the flexibility.