Can't get the Nameless demo to works

Hello all, I’m currently trying some vst from Neural so I can grab one or two during black friday sales, but I’m running into an issue with the Nameless vst.

Everytime I try to activate the trial all I get through Ilok is a “attempt to start the trialt oo many times” or “the license can only be activated to an iLok please plug one in”
meaning I just can’t try this vst, all the other one works fine through and I ran into 0 issue to activate their trials version.

Any help ? Thanks in advance

Hey @Dreambox. Try this:

Open iLok License Manager > Log-in with your iLok account > Go to the Available tab (View > Available licenses) > Right-click over the trial license and select “Activate”.

If that doesn’t work, send me your iLok user ID through PM or to

Hello, thank you for your quick reply, I tried but this is what I get, and the activate button stay greyed out so I can’t do anything. :sleepy:

I sent you my iLok user ID through mail

I deposited a trial extension in your iLok account. Try with that one.

It works perfectly with the new trial, that was quick, thanks a lot !

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