Cannot Record MIDI from external device

CorOS Version: 1.3

Describe your issue:
When I connect my Roland drum kit to the QC, I cannot record midi into the DAW like my other interfaces (Scarlett, clarett)

Steps to reproduce your issue:

  1. Connect External device to Midi IN on QC
  2. Enable MIDI over USB on QC
  3. Enable QC as midi device in DAW
  4. Attempt to record MIDI

I expected this to happen:
When I arm a midi track to record having the QC set as a midi input device, I expect midi input to the QC to pass through and be recorded in the DAW.

I have tried the following things:

  • Resetting QC
  • Disable/Enable QC as midi input device
  • Enable/Disable midi over USB
  • resetting external device
  • resetting computer
  • reconnect MIDI cable into QC
  • reconnect USB cable

Ultimately I still have to use a different audio interface to successfully record MIDI from an external device

I didn’t see it in the things that you tried, but in the midi settings, there is a switch for Midi Thru. The default setting is off. I think it would need to be on.

I did have that enabled but was still unable to record midi, have you successfully recorded midi through the QC?

It did seem like something that you would have found. I have used the QC to record audio in Logic, but not midi. I have sent midi PC and CC messages from the QC to various programs on the iPad. So not very helpful for you. I know there are some midi things that are not implemented yet, like sending momentary switch commands. For your issue Neural support might be the fastest solution?

Oh for sure man, I’ve already had a few e-mails out to support, as far as I know the QC is not able to currently record midi from an external device