Archetype Petrucci issue

Have downloaded the Petrucci Plugin but and followed all the steps, it fails to start. Deactivated and activated again, reinstalled iLok, uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin and nothing. Now, once i click “Try” i get the message that i the trial period has attempted to start too many times.

Have already emailed and waiting for their reply.

@anthonygt - Hey! If you already have emailed support they will get back to you as soon as they can. Please direct message me the email you used to create your ticket so I can look it up. Thanks!

Hey there, @anthonygt!

If you get the popup message

" Attempt to start the trial too many times. Please purchase a license to run the product ",

  • Please open iLok License Manager app,
  • log in with your iLok account,
  • right-click on your trial license and select “ activate ”.

Thank you! :wink: