Can you play your guitar from QC to Mac using GarageBand out to a receiver using bookshelf speakers?

I was thinking of buying some studio monitors to sit on my desk so that I could play out and get stereo sound in my music room. Then I got to thinking… I already have a nice stereo receiver with decent bookshelf speakers that do sound decent running through from my Mac…

I have not used GarageBand at all. But would it be as simple as loading Garage Band on my Mac and then playing into the interface for sound to come through my receiver? I am also open to any other methods to get my QC sound through my Yamaha receiver to my Bookshelf speakers. Thanks.

even easier, plug your QC int to an input on your receiver.

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There you go making things simple! Do you know if I should run a single 1/4" that Y’s into two RCA jacks or 2 separate cables? IF it is possible to get a stereo effect through a receiver… Thanks again for the help.

I would go with ( 2 ) 1/4" - ( 2 ) rca. I do this with my Tom Scholz Rockman sometimes but I go from 1/8" trs to (2 ) rca from the headphone out, which is another option.

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I really appreciate the feedback. I am going to start with the 2 cables for now. Thanks again.

your welcome. Happy to help.

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