Can the 4 cores be used as 1 big single core?

Hi everyone (first time poster)
It seems to me that chaining the cores together could provide for a more efficient use of very DSP intensive algorithms such as high quality ambient reverbs. Will the cores be used this way or will they be compartmentalized ?


Based on how the Quad is being advertised , I’m having a hard time understanding just how the 4 Cores are being utilized for the user.
I specifically would like to know if (all 4 Cores) can be used for a single input and not the advertised multi instrument input / output scenario ?
Will the drivers that have being developed allow this to happen with little to no latency ?
Thanks - Looking forward to a reply form Neural DSP (Doug Castro)

Yes they can be used for a single input/output. Lots of the preview videos have shown this functionality if you want a demo.

The CPUs are allocated such that each row on the grid has a dedicated CPU. You can string the four rows together for a long path consisting of multiple rows for a single input or you can have parallel rows processing in parallel. Those parallel paths can process separate inputs or they could share an input.