One rig - 4 row?

Hi, I would like to know if it’s possibile at the day 1 to use for one rig all of the 4 row on the unit.
In the official videos I can see at maximum 2 row for rig.

Thank you

Saw a post over on TGP from the head hauncho at Neural that the answer is no on Day 1 but this might be added in an update down the road.

I was really put off to see this in the context of the product page mentioning running 4+ simultaneous amp models. Guess the caveat needs to be [if you are playing two guitars at the same time…]. Blending 4 amp models/captures at once was a unique selling point for me, so I hope it does not take long for Neural to deliver on one of their front page promises.

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Currently we’ll support one split/mix per pair of rows (1/2 and 3/4).
And you can connect rows 1 and 3 in series.
There’s enough CPU to fill the grid with effects and do complex parallel/series routing within the restrictions I mentioned above.
We will add more routing flexibility after launch of course.
The great thing about this platform is that the product continues to improve as time goes on.