Can I record audio and USB simultaneously into Apollo Twin?

Is it possible to record audio from the QC into the Universal Audio Apollo Twin while also recording USB from the QC into a Macbook Pro? My DAW is Logic and it only lets you select one input device, so I think the answer is ‘no,’ but wanted to double check.

You should be able to do it if you set up an aggregate device. I do with the qc and an Apollo twin.

That would mean recording both inputs to a single track though, right?

OP - Is there any reason to use the Apollo inputs instead of just using the QC over USB? You’re using an extra round of DA/AD conversion, which will incur latency. You’re also stacking the latency of both devices. Seems wasteful to convert to analog to send through a patch cable to then convert back to digital in a different box…

The aggregate device brings up both sets of inputs, QC and Apollo, into a single driver. From here you can select any of the inputs from the Apollo or the QC simultaneously. There is no additional analog to digital conversion the USB output from the QC remains intact and you can access all 8 as stereo pairs or discrete mono paths . When setting up the aggregate device, select drift correction for the QC and the Apollo will be the master clock. Create an Aggregate Device to combine multiple audio devices - Apple Support