Can anyone give tips on cutting single coil hum with the plugins?

I’ll preface this by saying I know the plugins have a gate, but I feel the gate really cuts into the sound and reactivity of the plugin. All gates do that I supposed, but do anyone have any tips for this?

I’m playing with the Plini plugin on the most absolute clean tone, but the single coil buzz is a buzzkill. I’m in Logic Pro. Thanks for any help.

1 - Shielding with copper (or a fat coat of shielding paint) of the guitar, for ex : Try to avoid aluminium and use copper.
2 - Shortest jack possible coming from the guitar.
3 - try a buffer pedal between the guitar and the interface.

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Once you are confident your source (the guitar) is properly shielded, check peripheral interference inducing devices.

  • Turn off screens (if possible) while recording.
  • Step away from different spots and try different angles with your guitar ( = 90 degrees between guitar and screen or 12V sources/led lighting)
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Move as far from your computer as you can.

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Thanks everyone. It is definitely my monitor causing the biggest issue. I just navigate to a better spot when playing and especially when recording.

The noise gate settings to find a balance between reducing buzz and maintaining sound quality. It reduction plugins available in Logic Pro. The position of your guitar relative to your computer and other electronics to minimize. You can use an EQ to cut frequencies where the buzz is most prominent.