Cali using massive amounts of cpu

Is anyone else having issues with cali destroying their cpu? Even when it mojo and low quality mode? I’ve disabled all my other plugins and I cant get it to run. Nameless now runs on high quality mode without issue, but cali is a dog.
I really like this plugin and I’d love to make it work.

Hey @christopher.mcclella. We’re currently investigating some issues with the Cali. Can you check if disabling the cab sim (or any other element of the signal chain) dramatically improves the performance?

I sure can. Standby and thanks for the quick response

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so, if i disable the cabs, i can run the program, no sweat at all

Actually. If I disable the mics only, I can run it. sounds like shit, but it runs. Haha

@christopher.mcclella. Thanks. We’ll check what’s going on with the cab sim.

Thank you sir. You’ll keep me updated on a fix?

@christopher.mcclella. Yes, I’ll let you know.

Appreciate it. Can I maybe use a cab from nameless?

@christopher.mcclella Yes, of course. Just bypass everything else on the signal chain.

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Done. That’s working. However. I’d love of calis cabs worked cause I’m sure the presets are maximized with those cabs, right ?

Yes, that’s right. We’ll fix this as soon as possible.

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I am looking to purchase this today, but am having the same CPU issues as above. Is this something that will definitely be resolved? What would happen regarding purchasing this and doesn’t get resolved?


Hi @Gonzalo! I’ve been experiencing the same issue with Cali.

(Cubase Pro 10.5, Win 10 Pro, i7 4790k, 32Gb DDR3 RAM, Gigabyte z97x-soc, RME UC.)

I’m able to run the plugin with the cab but only when I activate Asio Guard in Cubase and set the buffer at 128 or 256. If I change the buffer size to 2048, the cpu problem comes back but instead of the cpu being overloaded at 100% non stop, it becomes more like short spikes hitting 100% at regular intervals. Just wanted to share this with you just in case it could help you pinpoint the problem.

Disabling the cab fixes the problem.

No problem with Darkglass, Parallax, Nameless and NTS.

Ive also tried to import custom irs. no go there as well.
Disabling works, but I’d like a proper fix before I buy if possible.
I’m going to try that buffer fix in cubase but that’s probably also a bandaid

I just want to chime in and say that I have in a current project of mine thre instances of Cali running. Left | Right | Center |
And CPU is fine, but Cubase and soundcard at absolute max, some artifacts. I do want to use a different speaker of yours, dumb question: how can I do this?

What do you mean by cubase at full power? Maybe I’m missing something there?

Even if I’m running more than 2 or 3 nameless suites, my computer dies

Hi CHristopher,

Cubase has got an internal Usage monitor which is NOT reliable, but can give a hint. I use only Cubase, idk which DAW you are using, so I press F12 and see that my DAW is really maxed out, sometimes even red which is not good. But i ran 8 instances of DSPs in a different project and did not have problems, so it can be a computer problem on your side, can you post your specs, soundcard CPU and graphic card. Plus the whole USB has to get optimzed, there is a good guide of our Gonzo here, will post it later, if you cant find it, i am at work now

I run cubase as well, so I’m gonna need to check that out. I’m almost positive I need a better cpu. It just cant cope haha

Running S1 here, with CPU showing real high usage. Mine is i7 8700k and 16gb Ram. Cali is just high loading I guess, hoping a fix will happen because its so damn good!