Nameless terrible CPU issues

Hi there i m sure this has been discussed many times ,sorry for noob questions, i am new to using software ,i am a helix floor user .Ok ,wow ,nameless is a beast ,monstrous ,but man it rips the cpu out of my mac ,i can barely use it and it hurts as i love the helix but this one plugin tone wise is better than the whole of the helix ,for brutal death metal anyway ,helix is great btw for everything except metal .Other than spending over £3000 on a new mac what do you guys suggest ? here’s my specs.

SOLAR 7 string
18i 20 scarlett interface
ableton live .11
macbook pro from mid 2015 -
2.5ghz quad core intel core i7
16 gigs ram
400 gigs free hardrive space

ive chatted with support and made some optimismations that they suggested but no change