Cab Sim sounds muddy

I’m using the trial version of Gorija for now, but I’m going to buy some of these plugins as the amps and presets sound great.
I’m a bedroom player, but I like a decent sound and I really want my toys to sound good.

I switched from amp + cab to digital sounds, sold everything and bought a laptop, audio interface and Mackie CR8-X BT studio monitors.
Before I bought these devices, I tried to play a bit on my hi-fi stereo system with speaker simulation turned off and it sounded very good, so I expected that after buying monitors and turning on the IR cab, it would sound even better.
Unfortunately, especially the metal presets with IR on sound very muddy and bassy.
Of course, I changed the equalizer settings, but it is far from getting the right sound.
Without the cab simulation enabled, the sound is clear and alive, even under my fingers I can feel it.

Some guitarists don’t like spiker cab simulations, I wonder
do I belong to this group.
I figured cab simulation would be something great, but so far it hasn’t worked well.
Maybe I should better buy some powerful hi-fi set (speakers and amplifier), turn off the column simulations in the plugin and enjoy the simulations of amplifiers without IR?

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Its not the ir its your setup. Your room your studio monitors. There is bass buildup in your room.

Even if you have no excessive bass problem in your room a preset dialed in with no ir will sound very dull if you then include an ir
Create a new preset while using the ir but even then it won’t be quite as bright and crispy as a non ir sound. To me it is crispy and harsh with no ir high frequencies spike and sizzle too much.

Plat some music you like and are familiar with through the monitors similar to the sound you want your guitar to sound like as a reference and compare as you build your sound in the plugin

Thanks for the advice.
I installed the Two Notes IR simulator and it is much easier for me to choose the right settings.