Cab Mix....aka %Wet/Dry or Cab and No Cab

I am violin player using the QC.

I have a cab that I load with violin IRs (some from 3Sigma, some from other sources)

What I am trying to do is to use ‘some of the sound’ out of the Cab - and some of the violin pickup sound.
I noticed the typical Wet/Dry mix knob isn’t there?

Is this something that’s planned?
Any work arounds? I could… I guess… use a splitter and then a mixer. A lot of work.

I get it, most users are guitar players and they want all of the amp and cab. ADVICE…just put a Wet/Dry mix on every stinkin’ device or fx block you have… it’ll save you in the long run.

Cabbed Up in Columbus

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Some people use a neutral IR for that. Seen some posts regarding this in some other topic related to acoustic sounds (couldn’t find it on the fly)

Just split the path. Put your desired cab in lane A. You can put anything on Lane B and have it turned off, so the signal passes clean over there (or if needed add some effect to the path B, it will only affect the Violin with no cab). Then on the splitter end you can mix those signals as needed.

Thanks for the suggestion…… LOTS of work.

I’ve been a Fractal User for a few years. EVERY BLOCK should have a Wet/Dry mix. EVERY BLOCK PERIOD

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