Bypass Function!

A simple bypass option for the whole unit. Very surprised there isn’t one built in. It would be nice to treat the QC just like any other effects unit or pedal. If it’s already there awesome, shocked if it isn’t.

It’s not an FX pedal - it doesn’t make a lot of sense in most use cases. However, if you want it you can easily create a scene on your presets to do that

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Of course it’s an effects “unit” that’s exactly what it is. Amp modeler, effects unit etc. Everything should have a true bypass in your chain. Maybe you have a simple setup IDK. You always want to be able to bypass every device in your chain to troubleshoot and see what’s coloring the sound or causing hum etc. Why would I waste one of my precious scenes on a bypass when literally every device on the market has a bypass?


What I meant was for most users it serves as the amp + cab, not just fx in the traditional stompbox sense. None of the other units I’ve used have the feature you’re suggesting (kemper, axe fx, etc), because the routing isn’t as simple as in → out.

“true bypass” would have to be (1) a hardware switch that doesn’t actually exist on the unit right now, and (2) would have to be fixed to a specific input and output out of the many available. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense. I agree that troubleshooting ground loops can be a challenge, but it’s not as simple as you suggest.

I’ve had a Kemper, Axe, etc and I don’t recall them having a single button to bypass the whole chain. What you are describing is an effects pedal and even the HX effects doesn’t have a single switch to bypass all effects. You would have to make a blank preset or midi control all effects to an off state.

That’s to bypass a specific block not the complete row. That function is now in the rotary knob push or space bar. Axe III, FM3 and FM9. Had them all a few times.

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