But today...in this big world, Can youtubers do damage at a company?

For example this
I was thinking that today, expressing non-offensive opinions is a sacrosanct right… but at the same time these youtubers have weight, and their personal thought actually translates into damage for a specific company (also).
Or not?

Why I’m Selling My Quad Cortex (And What I’m Getting Instead…) - YouTube

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I think, rather not. Certainly, some will be influenced by such reviews. But in the end, so does the seller in the store. We are very deep in the region of taste here. Personally, I don’t care how accurately amplifier a, b, or c was transferred in the corresponding modeller, because I don’t own the originals and in 99% of all cases I probably couldn’t tell what is original and what is modeller. In the end, “sounds different” does not necessarily mean “sounds worse”.

For me personally, it’s more the usability of a device that counts. And for the way I work with such devices, there is no device on the entire market that could keep up with the QC. And no, since the QC I don’t need a computer anymore and I don’t even want it to program sounds. I have the QC too often in the rehearsal room and too rarely at home in the living room.


+1 same 4me.
If the unit is solid and reliable, It Is almost automatic that Is Is spread.
Sadly today influencers have big weight, whatever their knowledge (or budget from companies eheh).
But i agree with in5y372

I watched this video yesterday and I thought he presented his reasons very well. I think that people that are on the fence about whether they will keep their units may be swayed. As a new QC user it did make me think that Neural is not helping themselves much with how they are doing things.

The lack of a MarketPlace, no desktop editor, and not getting the capacity to port over Plug Ins seem to be the biggest factors hurting the company. I am glad that ToneJunkie and Worship Tutorials are continuing to support the unit in spite of no MarketPlace. I believe they will be rewarded when it does eventually get up and running.

Companies like ToneX are benefiting from some of those who are dissatisfied. I like my QC and am happy with it. I completely understand the ongoing frustration of the users who have been waiting for 6 months to two years for some of these promises to be fulfilled.

IF Neural came out and said, “We will not have the MarketPlace ready for one more year”, how many of the influencers would still be supporting it? I don’t know, but it is UNCERTAINTY about the future of the product that is overshadowing in some ways a great product. That is the wrong driver for any company to have.


you took the words out of my mouth .

for me, the whole youtubers scene is broken.
it came to the point you can’t believe most of them because their livelihood is depends on companies pay them for “revews”.
i think we the consumers are trapped with synced bombardment every time a new “the best thing i ever heard” comes out, and of course 97% of them never use the product they praised again.

regardless if the product is good or not, i think this system is so broken and so unfair for us the consumers. but sometimes, it backfire in the face of the companies who fed this monster to begin with

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In a roundabout way, it is completely fair. We The Consumers (I’m talking the collective of everyone who watches Youtube) give influencers all of those views to build up their platforms so they start receiving stuff to review. And so the wheel of Capitalism turns.

That said, I would rather have reviews that praise or condemn products than no reviews at all, especially in cases where I don’t have the advantage of trying it out in a store locally before just buying it for myself. You can’t walk into a Guitar Center and play with a Quad Cortex, for example. Reviews serve a purpose; but it’s also up to the user/consumer to have discernment when making purchasing decisions.


i agree.

the main issue with that platform is you can count on one hand those who are willing to speak about what is bad. especially on lunch reviews .
obviously its up to the consumer to decide who to listen and trust.

I agree with your assessment of the gearheads who do reviews on youtube. However this guy is one of the few I tended to have similar opinions with and lean towards. I guess after an amount of time you know who the ones are which you approve and don’t approve of.

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Personally I’m a little sick of the YouTuber scene since there are SO many folks doing the same thing, following the same formula but if it works, hey more power to them. I agree with @kkndman97. At the end of the day, it’s up to us as consumers to consume the content or not so I don’t really blame any of the YouTubers doing their thing, even if their “true” opinions aren’t being represented due to $$$ or endorsements.

I think context is the most important thing here - I saw this dude’s video (I like his channel actually) and don’t have any issues with how he presented his opinions or why he’s selling his QC. His grievances are the same as many users. However, look at the context:

  1. He has a LOT of amazing amplifiers that most of us can only dream of having in our own collection
  2. He has/had all the amp modelers out there
  3. He has a lot of resources at his disposal so he can part with any of his gear for any reason and he will still have options

So with that, why would he keep the QC? If I were in his shoes I may not keep it either… or may sell many of my amps instead… or sell my other modelers… etc…to each their own. I think informed consumers see this and take an aggregate of all reviews and context before buying a product.


Well said and in perfect context!

Neural will be fine. Fractal didn’t kill Line 6. Kemper didn’t kill Fractal. Helix didn’t kill either. Neural didn’t kill any of them. Tonex won’t kill Neural. Neural also had some probably compensated Youtube content that was kind of putting down f.ex. Kemper. Would be lovely to know which videos are actually trustworthy, but I just treat them all as paid content shilling for the flavor of the month. When the hype dies down, you will get content like “why I switched from Tonex to whatever.”

In short, don’t worry. It’s been like a week.


The kind of person who will be flipping gear because of some YouTube clickbait trash will be flipping gear anyway for whatever the flavour of the month on TGP happens to be.

The real world demographics for the QC, a Diezel VH2 head or the ToneX pedal are likely not the same.


How long did it take for kemper to have a desktop app?

I trust some youtubers because after some years I’ve learned they know what they are talking about (and they are GREAT players. That’s important for me).

I generally don’t blindly trust any youtuber I see for the first time.

Youtubers are like… any other group: friends, bars, beers; some of them are great, some of them aren’t.

At the end it’s you who decides what to believe.


Well I’ve had 2 out of 3 of those. Would love to try the 3rd. I might need an intervention.