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Hi Squad Cortex :heart: :milky_way:

It’s wonderful that Neural takes so good time to get things right. In the meantime; enjoy.

We already live in a world dominated by too many, and too hurried, deadlines. That’s where mistakes happen. Not to mention the expectation deadlines in our own minds. A lot of things are never really given the chance to grow, simply because it’s not selling enough in the first batch.

Many good books e.g. have so limited volumes, although they just needed time to grow with the reader’s consciousness. Most deeper teachings even took millenniums to be understood by a larger audience. Maybe there’s not room for that in you? That’s okay, it’s only up to you to accept.

NDSP’s QC (and thus this forum) is just one thing that’s getting that treatment of stress. Meaning one not being and enjoying life right here, loving what is, but would rather be in some illusory, in the mind’s story, much much better future. You suffer while here, wanting to be elsewhere.

It’s fine too, that’s just one way of learning the obvious: Life is not in our control, and probably never will be (hopefully, the fast way we F#Q things up nowadays). You fix this here, another thing pops up there − life. Never satisfied? You’re still here, so it wasn’t the end of the world.

You’re not here as a crash test dummy for visionary innovation, you’re obviously in the wrong place. Don’t take the frustrations of things you cannot control out on other’s please. Kindly don’t continue mixing suffering emotions up with having opinions. You know they’re not the same.

Maybe, no promises, I’ll come back in awhile? For now; have a good one.


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Hi kNow, I agree with your statements about this forum. Although there is obviously work to be done on the QC, for it to be as full-featured as some competing processor s, I’m still thoroughly enjoying it. I’d hoped that the forum would be a vehicle for sharing ideas and tips to make the most of it. Unfortunately, the forum has been hijacked by folks who proclaim the QC to be unusable and paint themselves as victoms of some nefarious scam. Because of that, I have to take regular breaks from the QC forum. Hopefully, once NDSP has completed the desktp editor, plugin implementation and moves forward with adding requested features, the doom n gloom club will settle down and we can start using this forum for more positive, productive purposes.


as someone who constantly complains i can tell you we all want the forum to be a vehicle for ideas and improvements but ndsp does make it hard.
A metronome is the most basic feature and was requested over 2 years ago with no updates on it, let alone the other complex stuff everyone complains about ad nauseum…but why would users get excited when their product is not meeting the basic needs it´s supposed to?

i´ve tried tone building posts and they get mainly ignored, i know it´s the community but the general discomfort is largely because of the company - it´s not like every angry guitar player landed on quad cortex forums - there´s a huge chunk of the responsibility in NDSP.
I´m sure when they (if ever) deliver the forum will get better

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I get what you’re saying, but Neural 100% shot themselves in the foot by overpromising and under delivering. A lot of people purchased the QC based on the promise of a lot of features that have not some yet. Neural certainly isn’t selling snake oil, and I am sure they are working their asses off to deliver on these promises, but it’s clear they bit off a bit more than they could chew for some things, so I certainly understand why some people “would rather be in some illusory, in the mind’s story, much much better future. You suffer while here, wanting to be elsewhere.” Because that “story” isnt illusory, it was a promise made by a company that hasnt been delivered on after a few years. Not trying to shit on Neural, but I can understand why some people are annoyed and dissatisfied.

Neural isn’t the problem here, the tech industry is. Look at video games. When was the last time a video game was released without a day one patch? It’s been years. I saw an Xfinity commercial the other day talking about how fast their internet was and their whole premise was based around how fast it will be “one day.” That’s bullshit. We should know what we’re getting into with tech companies in 2023, but at the same time over promising is a major issue, and Neural has done that.

You give a very “that’s life” perspective in your post, and on one hand, I do agree… but on the other hand, these companies that overplay their hand do deserve at lease some criticism, thats just business.

There ahve been WAY worse over promises in history where the companies have flat out not delivered, and I do believe Neural will deliver in the end… but I also didnt buy a QC for the promised features, but many people did and I can understand why some people are pissed. We can have a balance of “just enjoy it” and “where are the features you promised.”

I say all of this with love to the Neural team, especially their software engineers. I know the people doing the labor to deliver on these promises probably arent the ones who made the promises in the first place. I also respect that the products/features they have released so far have been top notch


Well said! I appreciate you taking the time to share how most any one of us feel. I am not in love with my QC, but despite all its flaws I am pretty sure that there is not anything better out there. I have NO brand loyalty and am one of those guys who like having the latest and greatest. I did not marry Neural. I will without hesitation buy the next best thing that comes along. I will say there is so much potential here with the QC that I would bet they may eventually be as good as anyone ever wished. In the meantime I am still watching for the next best thing.

Side note: I am an intermediate player but I do appreciate the ongoing development of technology. I am sure I would be a better player right now if I had not been distracted by all the bells and whistles over the last 40 years. I really appreciate the guys that just play! I think I am someone that loves music and technology and also plays guitar. At 62 years old I have many regrets but it is an amazing world we live in!


brian despite neural making me mad every day your post never fail to make me happy, i hope you are having a wonderful night my friend


I bought the QC for what it is right now. I’m pretty happy with it. It’s certainly the most enjoyable piece of gear I’ve ever owned and it does nearly everything I want it to. I wish they hadn’t promised plug in compatibility, because I personally don’t see much value in it and they could concentrate on improving the QC by bringing similar effects and amps to it. I can’t imagine there being much that the plug ins do that the QC couldn’t with a few additions.

I almost never buy anything immediately, especially something this expensive. I put next to no worth on promised features that aren’t implemented yet. Some people are different and I understand the frustration. But I find it odd that some have been waiting for plugin compatibility and a desktop editor for TWO YEARS and complain about it constantly. Constant negativity and being angry at a company for years is not good for anyone.


For the love of music

Used this past weeks break to get the priorities straight: Only came here in the first place to have fun, learn about and create music with the QC and when it’s not, it’s simply non of my concern.

Now seeing it all clarified, can’t help smiling with resembling recognition and the deepest most heartfelt, warm understanding no thanx, shrug and move on.

When first realized it was easy to let go − lets just leave it by writing I’ve seen worse and see where each of you get it, although it might not be where you think it shines through.

Cryptic huh?:wink: Maybe it lies behind where something inside us mostly resists?

[May just turn this into song lyrics © :partying_face: ]


I am so happy you feel that way! Rock on!


i agree plugin compatibility is pointless but it´s not about our opinion. if a company promises something they are expected to deliver, people complaining for years only speaks poorly of the company, it´s not that people want to be constantly negative. It´s a flow of new users being annoyed by the same incompetence.
The right mentality is not “oh why havent people just left after years of unfulfilled promises”
It should be “holy shit a bunch of people have faith/patience on the project (or depend on the gear so they can´t swap it) they DESERVE what was promised (at the very least) as soon as possible.”

If constant complaints and customer loss isn´t the way to pressure them to deliver then what is?


so ur selling ur qc? i recommend an fm9 or a headrush (y)