Bring Output 1 and 2 levels up the level of Output 3 and 4 levels

When using balanced cables, outputs 3 & 4 are 6 db louder than outputs 1 & 2
I use mainly the XLR outputs and find I need more output.
If I turn up any of my levels, the meters run in the red.
Is it possible to give the XLR outputs the same level as the 1/4" outputs?

Hello again. I apologize in advance for the bubble burst:

QC’s Outputs 1 & 2 are set for a maximum +9.5 dBu output, which is more than enough to drive signal to audio systems which operate at +4 dBu (mixing consoles, other audio interfaces, studio monitors, etc.).

Outputs 3 & 4 when balanced are set at a maximum of +15.5 dBu, and a maximum of +9.5 dBu when unbalanced.

There are other discussions in this forum which get into really subjective territory–“QC is not as loud as my Helix”, “I need more louder”, etc. But I think if you’re properly gain staging through your preset(s), you should get signal that is plenty loud enough to drive whatever it is you need.

From an engineering / hardware standpoint, it may not be possible to increase the level of Outputs 1 & 2 as it is. The circuit board may have been designed with certain output driver ICs which simply cannot go up an additional +6 dB. Nor would I expect it to.

Here’s an interesting thread where a user discovered that they needed to use XLR-to-XLR cables with their system rather than XLR-to-TRS. [I use XLR-to-TRS with no issues.]

EDIT: dBu values updated for clarity, thanks SoundEngine for correcting me.

The reason I ask is because I have a 4 channel XLR Snake coming from my QC and a
Voicelive 3 to my Yamaha Stagepas 1k for my sound system for my gigs .Yamaha STAGEPAS 1K 1000 watt 5-channel Portable Column PA System | Sweetwater .
There are no gain controls on the mixer, just a line/mic switch.
When I use 1 system in mono there is no problem, but when I run 2 systems in stereo, I have to use the stereo channel for my QC. (To use stereo I just have to run 1 XLR cable between units.)
That channel has 2 - TRS jacks which I believe are line level.
When I put XLR to TRS adapters on my snake, I have to turn the channel all the way up to compete with the other channels half way up, and those channels are still louder.
So I guess my solution will have to be using TRS cables from outputs 3 and 4 on the QC to the Stagpas 1k.

Manual (my qc works accordingly) says 1&2 +9.5db bal , 3&4 9.5db unbal, 15.5db bal (diffraction inverted the 2 values).
I think the idea from ndsp was to obtain the same 9.5db from 1&2 bal and 3&4 unbal.
If you want same level just use xlr on 1&2 and TS on 3&4. In this way it should have same level.
Another way is to use both bal and reduce level on 3&4 with gains by 6db, same effect but you don’t lose the balanced out on 3&4.

Anyway 1&2 are the highest output I ever attached to my lucas nano.
BTW…are your yamaha good? My nano are ok I love them, but they have some noise always present.

Shoot. I was wrong with the specs. I’ll go back and edit.

I don’t need the outputs to be the same, I just wanted to see if the XLR outputs could be made louder.
The Yamaha Stagepass 1k sounds great with prerecorded music and vocals.
I really can’t tell with the guitar since I am always right next to it.
The low end is going past my feet and the high end is right in my ear.
I guess that’s the nature of the beast when using a column sound system.
And I’m hearing everything through 1 ear.
I think in order to hear everything right you need to be a good distance away from it so that all of the frequencies can blend.
When I run 2 systems in stereo the guitar sounds great, but that’s probably because I’m now hearing everything with both ears.
I know when I take a break and play mp3s, they sound fantastic.

I can give you some advice as I Use the Lucas Nano in a similar way (I use them to practice in a big room). I mostly use it stereo from a good 2m away.
The reason is all this kind of system upper frequencies speakers are direction, its mandatory they point your ear, the sound cone is pretty narrow. This is necessary because they should reach high spl being PA. I use them for this reason, because I have less reflections so they sound amazing in untreated rooms.
The distance is needed because given the lenght between sub and tweeter the sound is really mixed both in frequency volume and phase only a distance that is considerably longer.
My advice is to listen 2m away and learn to use REW to use global EQ to EQ your PA. Make a proper sweep measure or at least use pink noise and spectrum analyzer (REW has both pink and spectrum). Mic close to your ear in playing position (with you present). This returns a flat sound, probably mp3 will sound incredibly well and you preset will go off because you tweaked considering the previous coloration.
If you still need more volume use a gain right before the out in the QC and raise it untile you reach clipping, thay find a safe headroom.
In this way the out is maximized and my lucas nano need half the volume I use with the scarlett.
If its not enough…use 3&4 with TS cables.

If 1&2 can be raise is a HW problem. If they used the same circuits for 1&2 and 3&4 is only a matter of code, but it is possible they didnt (if you don’t need the unbal you can save money lowering the output db, usually by 6db…). I don’t know honestly. I’d like an even higher output…I can alwayts lower it :slight_smile: