Boss SDE-3000 EVH Wet Dry Wet with Quad Cortex

Hi guys - new to the forum and first post! Be gentle…

I’ve far from fully got to grips with my new Quad Cortex, but I’ve also just got one of the new Boss SDE-3000 EVH delays and I was quite keen to rig it up Wet Dry Wet (ie have the stereo reverb going through a left and right amp/cab on each side + a dry amp without delay effect).

Pete Thorn demos how to route this using the SDE-3000 in this video (running into three rigs), which is confusing enough for gimps like me, but I’ve got myself in a muddle trying to work out if I can do it with the quad cortex. Since the QC only has two inputs, I’m guessing not. Although I also have a Kraken V4 pre-amp which I could use as the third amp. All three outputs would be running into my interface/DAW.

To make matters worse, I’m also trying to work out how I can rig this up on my pedalboard and leave it there for max versatility (across the QC, Kraken, amp front effects and loop effects).

Any suggestions or advice appreciated. Cheers!

can’t help with the physical pedalboard, I’m afraid, but the overall WDW setup should be fairly easy.

Connect the pedal to the stereo FX loop (you actually have 4 INPUTS on the Quad, the FX returns are very flexible this way). Follow the instructions on the picture from the manual pg 71, but connect both sends/returns for stereo operation.

You then have the option of inserting the pedal onto your chain wherever you like.

Use FXLoop1 block for the R channel of the pedal, FXLoop2 block for the L. You can insert these FXLoop blocks on separate Lanes in the QC and have 3 full signal chains this way. You can keep it virtual inside the QC, or you can assign separate physical outputs for each lane by long-pressing the Output Block and choosing outputs if you want to send to separate channels on an external interface.

Lane 1 is main guitar DRY to Output 1 of QC
Lane 2 is FXLoop1 (r) “WET R” to Output 2 of QC.
Lane 3 is FXLoop2 (L) “WET L” to Output 3 of QC.

connect QC outputs to interface input channels, panning 2 and 3 in your DAW for stereo WET.
(For consistency between cable types, you could swap Lane 1 with Lane 3 so that both WET channels are on the XLR outputs, and the DRY guitar Lane is on 1/4" cable output. I probably should have configured it this way in the first place. Just move the FXLoop2 block from Lane 3 to Lane 1)

Now, build your preset around this template. You can move the 2 FXLoop blocks anywhere on their respective lanes. Just put them where you want in relation to other blocks you build on the grid, if you decide to add any.

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Thanks very much for the quick response - I think I understand. I’ll have a play tonight. Cheers.

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There are lots of different ways to do most things in the QC. This setup is no exception, but this should get you started for stereo WDW. Primary consideration here is getting you 3 separate outputs for your interface/DAW.

Hopefully there’ll be some more input from users who’ve experimented with this kind of configuration

I went back and edited that post to include more instructions with the picture. That pic is just meant to represent a ‘template’ for the ins and outs, then you build your preset around that layout.