4 Amps in 1 preset

I will describe what I’m trying to achieve and see if anyone has any ideas.

I am seeing if I can have 4 different amps that I could have on or off in various combinations at any time. Following that with effects that would be tied to the paths so they would stay in the state I left them even when the amps are changed.

I’m not seeing anywhere to mute the path coming in if the block is not being used so I hear some bleed through when paths are bypassed.

This may not be ready for primetime yet but I thought I would try.

Any thoughts?

If you are working in scene mode you can just turn the volume all the way down on each amp you don’t want to use to achieve this. When you turn the volume down rather than bypass a model nothing bleeds through. Scene A would have the volume down on all but the first amp, scene B would have the volume down on all but the second and so on. You could do this with any amp combo you have in the preset. I’m not sure how to do it if you are in stomp or preset mode, but I hope this helps some.

I was going to work within scenes at first, but the effects would not stay on from what I understood. Seems like we are ready for some updates to get this product up closer to what it’s potential is. There are a lot of options available, but limited so far due to programming?

I will keep playing around with this arrangement and see if it can be worked through.

you can change the splitter path with scene.
But it in A/B
Then in scene A put path B at OFF and leave A as it is
Scene B do the opposite.
This will prevent any bleed.

In your specific case, you might need to turn 3 path OFF with the splitter per scene.

I use scenes and you can program the effects just like you can the models/captures. Basically anything in your grid can be adjusted however you like from scene to scene.