Black Friday 2020 - 50% off all plugins until Nov 30, 23:59 EET


Anyone, which plugin do you prefer for prog rythm tones and warm cleans Cali or Plini?

Seriously thinking of picking up Granophyre!

I use Cali for my rythm tone and lead. To me the Cali just cuts through the mix with the perfect balance between sharpness and warmth which is not a common mixture in one preset without the bass handling lo/ low mid-ish. This is not that important when recording but when playing in Stand Alone it is everything regarding “feel” and tone… and my me keeping up creativity. I also use Cali for clean, but would love some delay/chorus but I am adding that as a plugin. I am seriously thinking of adding another guitar plugin, like Plini or Cory Wong… or even Granophyre for fun. In the end they are all kickass plugins, and 50% discount while many others are offering max 30% is just difficult to walk away from :slight_smile:

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Bought Nolly :slight_smile: