Big CPU spikes only when using midi expression pedal (windows 10 x64)

Hi there I was wondering if anyone here is using midi pedal with neural dsp plugins, I’m evaluating demos ATM and for gojira, i spike everytime i use the wah pedal.
Also tested while evaluating teh archetype JP plugin → even worse.

My Hardware info:
Computer: intel i9-9900k 16GB ram / ssd M.2 drives Gigabyte Designare MOBO
Audio: MOTU 828es TB with MOTU Pro w/ latest audio drivers
Komplete S keyboard with expression pedal
tested in both CUbase Pro 12 and also Studio latest versions with only 1 audio track and 1 midi track (for pedal).
System performs well otherwise and actually better than other 9900k config i saw benchedmarked.

What am I doing wrong?
Is it bettter on latest macs?

Hey @grooveman, sorry to hear about your CPU spikes! This is something support can definitely help you with, please email and they will get you sorted.