Best things to adapt from Axe and Kemper

As I have used Kemper and AXE /FM3 for a long time.

Here are some Future request with the best from both units.

Free configurative footswitches with naming.

Toggle between scenes with one footswitch. (This perfect for singer who play guitar and don’t have to look down at the fottswitches)

Direct access to Tuner without to he hold one switch for 2 sec. (this give fast tuning check for live use)

Scene/stomp mode (one row FS for scenes and one row FS for stomps)

Naming option for Stomp mode( as there are in Scene Mode)

Delete function for My captures.

Scenes go back to stored version when the Scene when Scene FS are pressed for the second time or change to another Scene.

Option to save blocks with setting and name. (Easy when making new presets/scenes)

Copy/paste blocks between presets.

Dobbel tap on block in the grid for bypass.

Autosense for Wah on/off.

I am a long-time Kemper user and having FM3 for several months.

For me:

1, input source selection in gate(s)

2, mix control in overdrive block

3, show output meter in cab block

4, be able to store and organize neural captures on computers

5, “refine” after capture

6, “channel” for blocks

7, Global Controllers, LFO/Envelope (I don’t think this will be possible in QC, just a wish)