Dry blend for captures

Introduce a dry blend (phase coherent/delayed to match the capture) that would allow us to blend the dry signal of our instrument into the capture. Bass captures (especially the DG preamps) in particular would be massively upgraded with this as a feature. Kemper had a similar feature, and it was great for lots of things!

We NEED this - this is absolutely my biggest issue with the QC right now. I should absolutely not need to use one of only two available splitters AND occupy an entire row JUST to dry mix a drive or amp. The Axe FX does this flawlessly with almost every single block and it’s extremely useful. Not just for captures, but for effects or any other block too.

Add a blend knob to captures PLEASE!


Admin, can we combine these here? @MP_Mod



I’m not sure mix parameters are imperative for every block, but they are certainly a must on captures. Please introduce!

Captures usually are more successful if 100% blended wet. Having a blend control in the capture block would make captures more flexible without relying on creating a parallel path in order to get a clean blend.

I think it would be really cool to have a Mix knob on every block. With the limitation of the splitters and mixers to one of each per lane group I think it would be great to(for example) be able to blend an Amp and Speaker Capture of a guitar amp with my clean bass tone on one lane.


Thanks for the heads up! Merged.


thanks @epichicken !

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bump for much needed feature

And if I may, the clean blend on overdrives (captured or not) would be a huge bonus sound-wise for people wanting something similar to the Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive.

For those of us that are picky about dynamics on driven sounds…

This would be so useful for me, such a space saver.

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Yes please, but on every block not just the captures. If i would like to blend in some high gain grittiness into my clean DI bass sound (using an EVH amp block for example), i dont want to sacrifice a whole row using splits to do this! Just introduce a mix parameter on every sound shaping block and everybody will be happy. :slight_smile:

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The Rotary desperately needs a direct blend.

Every block should have a dry blend. Should be easy enough to implicate. It is insane that i have to use a whole lane just for this:


I hope this happens soon. Such an easy fix for such a big pitfall. Mix knob for all drive pedals too. Pretty much every block would benefit of this, but at least captures and drives must have it

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This would be so useful! I just captured a bass overdrive that really only sounds good with the right amount of dry signal blended in. Having a “Mix” dial in the captures would be so easy!

Do you think the ‘blend’ feature in the upcoming 3.0 update will satisfy this feature request? Not really sure how it’ll be implemented but hopefully it’ll do the trick

Definitely need this. There should be way more votes than there is for this.